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Secret Woods is a contemporary and refined creation in which smoky woods blend with deep, mysterious notes of saffron and leather to express sophistication and elegance at its best. A timeless interpretation where the finest ingredients evoke a unique and original sillage. The iconic bottle sculpted by Ennio Capasa draws the lines of the male figure in a minimalism of absolute elegance. The glass is tinged with a transparent deep blue green that identifies the harmony of all the elements: an alchemic magic that enchants and seduces. It is embellished with a silver hot stamped logo.

A lonely landscape of unspoilt forests, woods and vegetation in which to experience silence and admire the majesty of nature in perfect harmony. A sparkling citrus flicker of grapefruit meets the energetic notes of bergamot, generating a burst of freshness that awakens the senses. A delicate aromatic hint of juniper, with its attractive woody nuances, announces the heart of this vibrant adventure. Nature embraces man in search of his uniqueness. The enveloping notes of nutmeg blend with precious saffron, revealing an absolute inner richness. The mysterious undergrowth surprises with its intriguing vitality. Deep notes of styrax resinoid intertwine with the creaminess of sandalwood, the woody accents and wet nuances of patchouli and the sensuality of leather. The earthy strength of vetiver recalls deep roots: an ancestral sense of freedom explodes.

Top: Grapefruit, Bergamot Accord, Balkan Juniper
Middle: Nutmeg, Saffron, Styrax
Base: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Leather, Vetiver for life LMR

Julien Rasquinet

Secret Woods opens with a fresh woody feel, however quickly gets quite rich, smooth and warm. The animalic tone of Leather creates a smooth sexiness on the skin, and the rich woody notes complement the leather with a beautiful depth. Secret Woods wears beautifully on the skin, a wonderful option for a leather/woody lovers as both notes shine next to each other without overpowering each other at all.

Secret Woods is like wandering into the woods in the middle of the night under the light of a full moon, the soft lull of the night-time breeze. It gives us warm comfort with a darkly mysterious element. The tall trees create spindly shadows yet also wrap you up in their power and warm protection from the cool night. An adventure into nature via fragrance.

Founded in 1986 by Capasa brothers Ennio and Carlo, the Costume National fashion label emerged as a fusion between Japanese and Italian cultures. Learning his craft in Japan, Ennio began the fashion in his home country of Italy (based in Milan). The Costume National line is based on the history, craftsmanship and raw materials from both cultures. Their aesthetic extends to their iconic fragrance line – Minimal, Chic and Rock’n’Roll.

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