No. 11 EDP 50ml


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This natural, aromatic scent is wrapped with the warmth of amber cognac. A smooth dry-down of precious woods and warm musks lends No. 11 a sexy, long-lasting edge.

Grapefruit, Tarragon and Clary sage; Violet leaves and Rosemary.

Initially on the skin this is a super aromatic, herbaceous fragrance that has slight sharpness from the green notes of tarragon, clary sage, rosemary and of course the zest of grapefruit. After a little time, the herbal opening softens, revealing a woody depth in the base. As an Eau de Parfum, No. 11 will lst 6-8 hours in the skin.  

No. 11 smells like you’re wandering through a forest or a wild herb garden on a warm and sunny afternoon, taking in the scents of nature. Clean without being sterile, this is a wonderful fragrance to wear when you want to feel grounded and in touch with Mother Nature.  

Elevate your daily ritual with aromatherapy! Blomb’s clean, bright and sensual fragrances will maintain your olfactory signature all day (and night) long. Family-run out of California, Blomb strives to deliver fun, quality, affordable products for everyone. Blomb’s Eau de Parfums are all cruelty free and contain natural essential oils… so they’re ego-friendly too!  

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