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Culinary Collection No. 3 Lemon Tree Candle 330g


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Hunter Candles are hand-poured in Newtown, Sydney, using pure soy wax, which is both biodegradable and free from pesticides. Their candles are palm oil free and contain no genetically modified material or petroleum. They proudly use full fragrance, which is non-toxic and free from petrochemicals, phthalates and parabens.

The Culinary Collection draws inspiration from – and explores in tantalising new ways – the deeply sensorial experience of dining. Food, much like scent, has the power to transform, transport and unite. A nuanced flavour combination can transform even the simplest of meals. A nostalgic dish can transport even the most epicurean diner to a childhood memory. And nothing brings family, friends and future flames together quite like a table laden with plates to share.

A sparkling cocktail of citrus and verdant leafy greens all but guarantees a deliciously good time. No. 3 Lemon Tree is a confident, invigorating blend of bright lemon leaf, zesty skin, and the juicy pulp within.
Akin to a kiss from the sun – or the bitter candied lemon skin on your mate’s signature drizzle cake – No. 3 pays homage to the joie de vivre of a balmy afternoon spent with good food and great company.

This candle burns for approximately 45-50 hours. Please refer to packaging for candle care instructions.

From humble beginnings in a Newtown backyard to a light-filled industrial enclave on King Street, Hunter Candles is a true embodiment of the creative energy and distinct community culture that courses through Sydney’s art-filled streets.
Every Hunter Candles blend is born from a moment in time, a memory, a muse – a scent undiscovered, yet somehow intoxicatingly familiar.
Gritty, intriguing, and inherently grungy, Hunter Candles embodies everything founder, creator and maker Vianney Hunter is about. When developing a new scent, Vianney combines nostalgic earthen tones and raw textures with inspiration drawn from the mentors, makers and memories that colour her world. Passionate about preserving the art of candle-making, each candle is brought to life with two bare hands – and promises to remain this way. More than just a scent, Hunter Candles is a true olfactory experience.
Hunter Candles are perfect for those looking to make more mindful candle choices without compromising on aroma or aesthetic. They take conscious steps to minimise waste wherever possible, and meticulously select materials of the highest quality to create each of their candles.

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