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Grounded Collection No. 2 Saddle Leather Candle 330g


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Hunter Candles are hand-poured in Newtown, Sydney, using pure soy wax, which is both biodegradable and free from pesticides. Their candles are palm oil free and contain no genetically modified material or petroleum. They proudly use full fragrance, which is non-toxic and free from petrochemicals, phthalates and parabens.

The Grounded Collection draws on a deep yearning to celebrate the unique and unifying moments marked by our country’s natural surroundings—it’s the ground we walk on, the ground that keeps us centred. Each scent in the Grounded Collection has been meticulously designed with the intention to draw you in, and make you really feel. Experience a tranquil exhale whilst laying beside a trickling Tasmanian creek. Be completely engulfed in the cool green canopies nestled among our mountains. Inhale the rich tanned leather and dry hay dancing on the wind that breezes through an outback farm. Take solace in a trail walk, your nose enveloped in the aura of a nearby acacia tree. No matter your desired destination, the Grounded Collection is rich in scent and powerful in emotion.

The mise-en-scène of a man at dusk on an outback farm. Westerly winds capture the patina of polished saddle leather and brushed suede, enveloping the richness of soft orris root and revered scarlet saffron. The tranquil pleasures of powdery tonka bean, touched by glowing white amber and hints of freshly-mown hay, evoke the day’s end on a rugged, hardworking landscape. Saddle Leather is an open invitation to put your feet up.

This candle burns for approximately 45-50 hours. Please refer to packaging for candle care instructions.

From humble beginnings in a Newtown backyard to a light-filled industrial enclave on King Street, Hunter Candles is a true embodiment of the creative energy and distinct community culture that courses through Sydney’s art-filled streets.
Every Hunter Candles blend is born from a moment in time, a memory, a muse – a scent undiscovered, yet somehow intoxicatingly familiar.
Gritty, intriguing, and inherently grungy, Hunter Candles embodies everything founder, creator and maker Vianney Hunter is about. When developing a new scent, Vianney combines nostalgic earthen tones and raw textures with inspiration drawn from the mentors, makers and memories that colour her world. Passionate about preserving the art of candle-making, each candle is brought to life with two bare hands – and promises to remain this way. More than just a scent, Hunter Candles is a true olfactory experience.
Hunter Candles are perfect for those looking to make more mindful candle choices without compromising on aroma or aesthetic. They take conscious steps to minimise waste wherever possible, and meticulously select materials of the highest quality to create each of their candles.

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