Mauve Rose Sky Perfume Oil 15ml


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Late Sunday sleep-ins, tangled sheets with the one you love, open windows carrying lush summer florals of rose and jasmine.


Top: Juicy Pink Grapefruit

Middle: Magnolia, Turkish Rose, Linden Blossom, Tuberose

Base: Oakmoss, Frankincense


Rhiannon Mapstone


Mauve Rose Sky opens with the bright effervescence of grapefruit, linden blossom and green magnolia. Then, the soft sweetness of the rose and tuberose come through, grounded by earthy oakmoss and the soft spice of incense. This fragrance oil really sticks around, lasting about 6 hours on the skin.


We love how Mauve Rose Sky feels like a lazy Sunday morning in bed, the scent of lush summer florals wafting in through a cracked window. This scent is definitely calming, but just bright and zesty enough to get you up to make a coffee and sit outside to feel the sun on your face.


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