Celestial Tides EDP 50ml


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Where the ocean meets the forest, you can feel the magic there.

It’s the place we gather to call in the goddess under full moons and high tides.


Top: Blood orange, Fir, Fresh Rosemary, Sage

Middle: Boronia, Chempaka leaf, Green Lavender

Base: Vegan Aquatic Amber


Rhiannon Mapstone


Celestial Tides opens with tart blood orange, and then a salty greenness – the fir, sage and champaka leaf taking centre-stage. As it settles, the green lavender, boronia and amber come through, adding a warm, resinous sweetness to the fragrance. With incredible sillage and longevity for a natural perfume, this will last 6-8 hours on the skin, and surrounds you like a heavenly cloud in the meantime.


We love how Celestial Tides so perfectly encapsulates the meeting of the forest and the sea. The moon is full, the tides are high, and the herbaceous and marine notes mingle in a way that’s both fresh and earthy, grounded and airy.  It feels exciting and magical, like a twilight gathering on the beach.


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