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Ingenious Ginger Parfum 50ml


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A new addition to Goldfield & Banks’ Native Collection has arrived… Ingenious Ginger!

Ingenious Ginger is an olfactory imagining of the unscented torch ginger lily flower, which grows in abundance at the tropical holiday home of Goldfield & Banks founder, Dimitri Weber.
Transportive and seductive, Ingenious Ginger is a solar, abstract citrus scent, complemented by sultry white florals and sparkles of spice. 

Top: Australian Ginger Flower Accord, Italian Bergamot, Italian Lemon
Middle: Chinese Magnolia, Jasmine, Rose, Brazilian Mandarin 
Base: Australian Sandalwood, Indonesian Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Cashmeran

Hamid Merati-Kashani

Ingenious Ginger opens with a juicy burst of bright bergamot and tart lemon, tempered by the ginger flower accord, which simultaneously offers spice and sweetness. As the fragrance develops on the skin, the carnal floral bouquet enrichens, the beautiful sunny warmth of magnolia quite prominent. On the dry-down, musky, comforting woody tones ground the scent, anchoring it to the skin for 8-10 hours. 

This fragrance was a complete surprise. Anything but literal, Ingenious Ginger is an abstract creation that takes you on an uplifting, blissful journey. We love it when perfumers create an olfactory imagining of an unscented flower, as it gives us the opportunity and freedom to experience it in any way we desire. 
To us, Ingenious Ginger is like sipping an iced ginger ale with a fat wedge of lime in it while taking in views of a dense tropical jungle. Dappled sunlight makes its way through the fragrant foliage of the trees around you, there’s a flower tucked behind your ear, you have nothing to do and nowhere to be, except in the moment. 

Goldfield & Banks, Australia’s first luxury fragrance house, was founded by Sydney-based Dimitri Weber in 2016. After moving to Australia, French-Belgian Weber fell in love with the country’s lush, aromatic, and botanical beauty, and felt compelled to create a perfume line paying tribute to its extraordinary beauty. Combining the science of Australia’s most authentic native essences with centuries of French expertise in the art of perfume making, Goldfield & Banks’ perfumes are a quest for the ultimate Australian olfactory experience.
The Goldfield & Banks range contains an array of carefully chosen native botanicals, selected to create a new and haunting Australian dream – one of burning deserts, sparkling coastal vistas and deep, beautifully scented forests. The sustainable quality of these ingredients represents an innovative and contemporary approach to perfume oil production and showcases Australia’s leading expertise in botanical research and development. The result is a modern yet timeless collection of genderless luxury perfumes for all genders.

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