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The modern cowboy. 

It begins with a desire to run free like a wild horse, break free from the norms and expectations that we as a society place on ourselves and others. To live on the pristine plains of the soul, relaxed and at ease. There is an intense energy as this modern cowboy is both glam and hard, living without fear. Determined and daring, this cowboy lives by the credo of a future filled with solar positivity. Walking with their head held high towards destiny.

This fragrance embodies rebirth. 


Top: Lemon Oil, Sfumatrice Primofiore, Mexican Lime Oil

Middle: Saffron Flower, Cypriol

Base: Ciste, Abs Lmr Mystic, Incense


Julien Rasquinet


Free d’Homme opens with a refreshing burst of lemon and lime – it is at first quite sharp and reminiscent of old-school colognes, however, the dry down is completely different. Within about 15 to 20 minutes the sharp opening has softened and the warm resins take centre stage. The sparkle of saffron and incense doesn’t overpower the scent, but keep the fragrance burning with a gentle smoldering for about 8 hours on the skin.


We love this idea of the ‘modern cowboy’ for Free d’Homme. The way this scent plays out on the skin tells the story so perfectly – opening with a classic nod to the past, to the history of traditional colognes. Then gradually transforming into something modern and unique. The dry down conjures a desert scene scape, the cowboy saunters past, beautiful horse as well, of course. This is the scent of a quiet and serene moment in the desert – the warm sun shines on the yellow sand, there is a gentle waft of smoke in the air and not much else. Peace.

Founded in 1986 by Capasa brothers Ennio and Carlo, the Costume National fashion label emerged as a fusion between Japanese and Italian cultures. Learning his craft in Japan, Ennio began the fashion in his home country of Italy (based in Milan). The Costume National line is based on the history, craftsmanship and raw materials from both cultures. Their aesthetic extends to their iconic fragrance line – Minimal, Chic and Rock’n’Roll.

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