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Since its origins, the style of Costume National has always stood out for its unique blend of two fashion cultures quite far from each other: Japanese culture, with its minimal and deconstructed lines, and Italian culture, world renowned for its impeccable sartorial quality. Costume National’s J and I are a beautiful pair, paying homage to the roots, the inspiration and the aesthetic of the brand.

I is a celebration of Italy – the expert craftsmanship of the fashion, the luxurious leathers used and the fearless style of the Italians. The flourishing cultural and historical background of Italy needs no introduction. Since the Middle Ages, the arts have played a crucial role – not only for the economic, social and political development – but also giving prestige to the creative and stylistic genius that still distinguishes Italy today. Particularly focused on Tuscany, renowned for the craftsmanship of leather. Using traditional techniques and leather of remarkable quality, I focuses on the incomparable product – leather, that Italians are renowned for all over the world.

Top: Bergamot, Saffron, Thyme
Middle: Lavender, Geranium, Labdanum
Base: Leather, Ambroxan, Cedar

Julien Rasquinet

Italy is an Eau De Parfum so it should generally give the wearer 6 – 8 hours of longevity on the skin. A charismatic concoction of herbs and florals, Ambroxan and Leather make it a powerful, sensual and entirely seductive scent to wear however, so you’ll probably actually find it will be with you for much longer. Like the vivid memories of a lover that still arouse a blush and a smile…long after your last encounter.

We love how swiftly we fell in love (and lust) with this fragrance. One inhale and we were away. An unexpected and pleasantly surprising composition. The perfect herbaceous Leather, particularly for warmer weather, balanced artfully with its brighter notes to invoke an uplifting sense of well being and adventure. Like the trip to Italy you’ll always remember. Sightseeing along it’s vast coastline on the back of a motorcycle, open sky, sun, sand, sea breeze and nature all surrounding and enveloping your senses as you gratefully inhale. Vibrant and vivacious, rambunctious and romantic. Quite possibly even…the thyme of your life…that’s Amore!

Founded in 1986 by Capasa brothers Ennio and Carlo, the Costume National fashion label emerged as a fusion between Japanese and Italian cultures. Learning his craft in Japan, Ennio began the fashion in his home country of Italy (based in Milan). The Costume National line is based on the history, craftsmanship and raw materials from both cultures. Their aesthetic extends to their iconic fragrance line – Minimal, Chic and Rock’n’Roll.

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