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Find YOUR fragrance with our personalised consultations

Here at Lore Perfumery, we love fragrance and pride ourselves on being experts in the field. We are all about storytelling, describing scent, and ultimately, creating connections.

With over 700 niche fragrances in store,we know for a fact that there truly is a scent for everybody and anybody at Lore. And our team of delightful perfume experts are dedicated to helping you find the one for you.

That’s where our Fragrance Consultations come in – a free service we are known for, where we help you to find the fragrance of your dreams.

Intrigued? Let us walk you through whatit involves.

How It Works

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Step 1.

You walk into our beautiful Fitzroy store!

There’s a lot in here, but worry not, that’s what our amazing team is here for. You don’t need to book a consultation in advance, you can just walk on in.

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Step 2.

We have a discovery chat.

It doesn’t matter if you have a brief (e.g. looking for a new summer scent) or if you’re starting from scratch (have never worn fragrance before), we’ll have a little chat and do a bit of a discovery process to figure out what you love, what you like, what you don’t, and any other needs or wants you may have.

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Step 3.

We pick out an initial fragrance selection.

We explain the story of each fragrance, go into the notes, and then get you to smell each one. The fun part about this is that every Lore team member has their own style and will bring their own approach to the table – no two consults are ever exactly the same!

After smelling the initial selection, there’ll usually be some winners and some duds that can be eliminated.

By this stage, we will have a better idea of what it is you like in your fragrance. We might pull out a few more that we think you will like based on your favourites, and usually a wildcard as well, just so you can try something you never would have otherwise!

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Step 4.

You narrow down to your top 4.

We do the skin test and spray your favourite fragrances on different parts of your arm to let your skin decide for you. We have these handy little cards that helps you keep track of what scent is sprayed where. This ain’t our first rodeo, we like to keep it easy to manage once they’re on your skin (is there anything worse than not being able to remember what you’ve sprayed where, especially when you’ve just fallen in love?).

Then, we wait a few minutes, sometimes even invite you outside into the fresh air to smell how each scent has changed with your skin chemistry. Your skin often ends up making the decision easy for you, one fragrance will usually stand out and be a clear winner.

And just like that, your new signature scent is sorted!

You’re Officially Invited

Come and visit our fragrance wonderland at 313 Brunswick St, Fitzroy between 10am – 5pm, 7 days a week, to experience a Fragrance Consultation for yourself.

Can’t make it into the store? We have something exciting on the cards launching soon. Stay tuned!

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