The Perfect Gifts For The Queen Of Our Hearts

Sunday May 14th is Mother’s Day. A day for the Queen of Our Hearts, whoever that may be for you – a mum, a step mum, another family member, a friend, or a maternal figure.

Maybe they’re still here with us (if you’re very lucky), maybe they’re not here anymore. Maybe you are one, becoming one or wishing you were one.

Now (and every day) is a wonderful time to appreciate these special people in whichever way feels meaningful to you. If that involves gift giving, then finding the perfect present for someone you love can be hard. Either they seem to already have everything they want, their taste is elusive, or it’s hard to find something that properly expresses your relationship with them.

That’s where Lore Perfumery has got your back. There’s something for everyone in our beautiful range of products – really! To prove it to you, we put together a little gift guide to help you choose the perfect gift for anyone and everyone!

This is the person who loves to treat themselves, they love a bit of an online shop and packages are constantly turning up at their house. So, a gift for them needs to be a little more unique.
photo of rechargeable lighters in gold and gunmetal by flint

Rechargeable Lighter


This functional and beautiful lighter is rechargeable, so it’s usable forever! Sure beats a BIC lighter in the looks department and makes lighting candles easy and waste-free.



photo of pastilles by anis de flavigny


Anis de Flavigny

These delightful pastilles are made in an abbey in the French countryside according to a 9th century recipe. In a gorgeous little tin, these are perfect for throwing in your bag or to have in your desk drawer.




photo of atomiser by lore perfumery


Lore Perfumery

Our atomiser has an 8ml capacity, and can be filled up with any fragrance you so choose. Ensure the perfume fiend in your life is never out and about without their fave fragrance again!


This person is always super busy and rarely – if ever – takes time out for themselves to just chill. They need to be forced to relax, and you want to be the one to help them along with that!
photo of true vanilla bubble bath by library of flowers

Bubble Bath – True Vanilla

Library Of Flowers

This deliciously decadent bubble bath rich in cocoa butter and green tea to smooth and nourish the skin. Oh and did we mention it has the most divine vanilla scent in the world?


photo of lavender and patchouli relaxing body oil by aspar

Lavender & Patchouli Relaxing Body Oil


Created by spa therapists in Melbourne, this body oil relaxes and rejuvenates when applied. The plant extracts and essential oils hydrate the skin, and the fragrance is divine!


photo of magic magnesium restful spray by bon lux

Magic Magnesium Restful Spray

Bon Lux

For those who have trouble winding down or sleeping, this magnesium spray is perfect. The combination of magnesium and lavender essential oil blend to help the body relax. Ahhhh.


This person loves the outdoors, they’re always hiking or swimming or at the gym. They’re super active and have a go-go-go kind of lifestyle!
photo of signature sunscreen SPF 50+ by We Are Feel Good Inc

Signature Sunscreen SPF 50+

We Are Feel Good Inc.

Lightweight and hydrating, this sunscreen gives you 4 hours of water-resistant, non-greasy protection – oh, and it has a sheer finish. It doesn’t contain any nasties, so good for the environment too!


photo of arnica massage oil by weleda

Arnica Massage Oil


This oil is perfect for before and after sport or strenuous activity. With the natural warming powers of arnica and an invigorating lavender and rosemary scent, this THE product for the active person in your life.


photo of fresh hair dry shampoo by kevin murphy

Fresh Hair Dry Shampoo

Kevin Murphy

For someone that’s always on the go, there’s nothing so handy as dry shampoo. Whether it’s after a quick gym sesh or a long hike, this dry shampoo will have their hair looking good as new again!


This person loves the finer things in life. They like to have the best of everything, because, well, they deserve it!
photo of cyrnos candle by cire trudon

Cyrnos Candle

Cire Trudon

Ok so firstly, this candle is from the oldest candle makers in the world, Cire Trudon, and everything they make is exquisite. This scent is inspired by the scent of the air in the south of France as well. C’est magnifique!


photo of honey body butter by panier des sens

Honey Body Butter

Panier des Sens

This body butter made in Provence combines the powers of honey and shea butter to create the most luxurious, decadent body butter ever.


photo of la decouverte matieres set by bdk parfums

La Découverte Matières Set

BDK Parfums

This mini fragrance set contains scents from BDK Parfum’s Matières line, where each fragrance heroes a high quality, rare ingredient. Perfect for any lover of French perfumes.


This person may not really be into fragrance, they like to keep things simple and utilitarian. They don’t have a super rigorous skincare or beauty routine and are probably unlikely to change that!
photo of not a shower gel by juliette has a gun

Not A Shower Gel

Juliette Has A Gun

This shower gel (or Not A Shower Gel) is the perfect way to enjoy the scent of Juliette Has A Gun’s Not A Perfume in the shower! With a clean musky scent that everyone can enjoy, this is a fun, quirky gift that’s also useful.


photo of sea salt hand cream by kalastyle

Sea Salt Hand Cream


Covid means we are all washing our hands heaps, so it’s important to keep them hydrated! This Swedish hand cream has a neutral scent and does a beautiful job and keeping the hands silky-smooth.


photo of super frais natural laundry soap by kerzon

Super Frais Natural Laundry Soap


Everyone needs to do laundry, so why not upgrade the experience a bit? This natural detergent from Kerzon has a beautiful fresh, clean scent that beats the chemical-y smell of supermarket detergents by a country mile, plus it’s good for the environment!


This person loves nothing more than cosying up at home and creating beautiful surroundings for themselves. They might also work from home, so creating a nice environment is important to them!
photo of orange blossom room spray by carriere freres

Orange Blossom Room Spray

Carrière Frères

This product can be sprayed in the air to cleanse and purify, to complement a candle being burnt, to cut through cooking smells, or misted over soft furnishings to refresh them. With a gorgeous fresh orange blossom scent that uplifts and purifies, this is perfect for any homebody.


photo of fazeek oil burner in pink and grey and essential oil in pink pepper and kaffir leaf

Oil Burner + Essential Oils


This oil burner from Fazeek is handmade and looks absolutely beautiful, AND it’s also functional. Simply put a few drops of essential oil in the top with some water, place a tealight candle inside, and voila! You have beautiful fragrance diffusing throughout the home.


photo of flowers wall chart by georgia perry

Flowers Wall Chart

Georgia Perry

From one of our favourite designers, Georgia Perry, this beautiful print comes ready to hang, so is super easy to put up. Colourful and bold, this is a stunning addition to any interior.


This is a tricky person to buy for. They have very specific taste, like really specific. Maybe you’ve even had a few failed gifting attempts with them in the past, so you really need to get this one right!
photo of lore's ultimate guide to gifting fragrance blog cover image

Our Guide To Gifting Fragrance

If you’re thinking about getting someone a fragrance, have a look at our guide to gifting it!


photo of laura from lore with a custom sample pack

Custom Sample Pack

Lore Perfumery

Before the gift giving occasion, you could get a custom sample pack with some options you think the gift recipient might like. That way they can try a few and you can purchase a full size of their favourite!


photo of lore perfumery gift voucher

Gift Vouchers

Lore Perfumery

Why not give the gift of an experience? We have online and in-store gift vouchers available.

With an in-store gift vouchers they can come in and experience the store or a fragrance consult for themselves. You should probably only do this if the gift recipient lives in Melbourne though! 😉


So, there you have it – we’ve got gifting ideas for everyone and anyone! If you’re still stumped on what to get as a gift though, come and visit us in store, send us an email, or call us on our Fragrance Hotline (ph (03) 8199 1012) and our amazing team will help you out!

heart shaped perfume lore perfumery

Lore XX

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