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From BDK’s Collection Azur, an homage to the Mediterranean Sea and time spent there, particularly in the South of France and Corsica. This collection recounts olfactory memories, imagined and real. The salty scent of sun-kissed skin and the citrusy aromas of the fruit trees are among the sources that inspired the composition of these beautiful fragrances.  

With Villa Néroli, you’re invited to set sail for Capri, an Italian island in the Bay of Naples, located in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, opposite the Sorrento Peninsula. Renowned for its beauty, unspoilt nature and charming villas, it delights the hearts of all travellers who venture there. Its spectacular coastline dotted with coves offers superb panoramic views where thousands of years of history is revealed. It’s impossible not to fall under its spell. 

“When I first discovered Capri, I had the strange and fascinating sensation that time had stopped. Walking on the heights of the island, under the light of the setting sun, I could see sumptuous villas. In their alleys, the bitter orange trees give off their fragrant scent. For me it is like a solar joy, between optimism and serenity.” – BDK founder, David Benedek

“I imagined a garden of orange trees in Capri, a garden of abundance overlooking the Faraglioni, thousand-year-old-rocks eroded by the wind, the rain and the sea. When the sun is barely down, this garden takes on an air of honeyed sweetness.” – Perfumer & Nose, Alexandra Carlin

Top: Verdelli lemon from Calabria, Neroli essence from Tunisia, Petit-grain essence from Paraguay
Middle: Orange blossom absolute from Morocco, Rose absolute from Bulgaria
Base: Vanilla absolute from Madagascar, Vetiver from Madagascar, Patchouli from Sulawesi, Labdanum resinoide from Spain

Alexandra Carlin 

Villa Néroli opens with the sharp brightness of neroli, petitgrain, and lemon – at first it smells almost like an old-school citrus cologne. However, as it dries down, the honeyed sweetness of orange blossom complemented by rose comes out. In the base, the warmth of vanilla and soft resins comes through, which lends the fragrance an almost powdery quality. This fragrance has beautiful, subtle projection, and will last 6-8 hours on the skin. 

The wear of this fragrance mimics what we imagine a summer’s day in Capri would feel like. It begins fresh, like dewdrops sitting on the leaves and fruit of citrus trees, their scent picked up by a fresh breeze. As the day goes on, blossoms bloom when kissed by the sun, and their sweetness fills the air. The dry down is when the day reaches evening, and the air is thick with the sweet headiness of the citrus trees and their blossoms. Villa Néroli is a truly scenic, romantic fragrance, and because of the warmth and creaminess of its base notes, will last longer than a lot of citrus fragrances on the skin! 

BDK Parfums is an independent perfume house founded by David Benedek. Specialising in unique, creative fragrances made up of high-quality raw materials, each scent has its own narrative, its own tale to tell. 
One of the youngest designers and house founders in the industry, David was born in 1989 to a Moroccan/Algerian mother and a Romanian father. Fragrance runs in his family – his grandparents opened a perfume boutique in Paris shortly after arriving there from Transylvania in the 60s. 
Each BDK fragrance works around a particular raw material, giving it a life and a story of its own. The house is in a perpetual search for flawless raw materials, which is why most concentrates they use are from the Grasse region in France. The creative process is never rushed; new scents are complete when the perfect equilibrium between notes is found, the alchemy perfect.
David wants people to choose their fragrance as they choose a book in a library – by wearing one of BDK’s scents, a person can experience the story of the perfume, and find the link between fragrance and imagination. BDK Parfums is based in the heart of Paris, Palais-Royal, so the lids of the BDK bottles have been designed to pay homage to the dome of the iconic Grand Palais. The monument holds many French treasures and is perfectly representative of French savoir-faire – of liberté, égalité, and fraternité – perfect for this proudly French house. 

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