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Silky Woods Parfum Extract 100ml


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Celebrating Agarwood or Oud, Dimitri (founder of G&B) wanted to create a luxe and modern interpretation of this special ingredient. Encased in molten gold and infused with precious Agarwood…needless to say we have fallen in love.   

Silky Woods is part of the Botanical Series by Goldfield & Banks. Showcasing the precious wood species harvested sustainably for the first time in perfume history in the Daintree Rainforest in Tropical Queensland, Silky Woods is a delightful and delicate yet very sensual blend.

Would you just look a the bottle! Every French glass bottle is lacquered in gold and looks as amazing in real life as it sounds.

Top: Agarwood Tropical Australia, Cinnamon Ceylon
Middle: Tobacco Leaves, Ylang Ylang
Base: Madagascar Vanilla Tahiti, Sandalwood Australia, Incense

Deliciously warm Vanilla embedded in silky woods, this scent has a decent projection that could be smelt on our skin for at least 8 hours after the first delightful spritz. Like the other fragrances in the range, Silky Woods is a parfum extract so the longevity and strength is definitely there, but without being overpowering. The first spritz is a gorgeous, earthy vanilla hit which settles onto the skin bringing out the smoke and woods. It isn’t an overly sweet vanilla and on the skin the Agarwood comes to life as the notes settle beautifully onto the skin.

We love the immediate hit of this delicious and woody warm vanilla. It smells like vanilla beans nestled in the folds of an old suede jacket forgotten in an old barn after a rendezvous with a lover on a warm sunny day. This fragrance can definitely be worn day or night. During the warmer months it will mingle with the heat on the skin and bring the vanilla to life. In the cooler months it will literally warm you with its sweet, musky tones; like a warm hug or a fluffy winter blanket.

Dimitri Weber

Created in Sydney by the wonderful and charismatic Dimitri Weber, the Goldfield and Banks perfume collection was founded in 2016 and heroes our incredible Australian landscape and native botanicals. After moving to Australia, Belgian born Weber fell in love with “Australia’s lush, aromatic and botanical beauty, it’s sweeping plains, turquoise fringed coast, ochre red interiors and harsh, dramatic landscapes” feeling compelled to create a perfume line that pays tribute to the extraordinary beauty of Australia”. Goldfield and Banks is a “luxurious and precious collection that is gender free, featuring exceptional pure and rare Australian essences and oils unexplored in modern perfumery. Combining centuries of French fragrance methodology, it is, quite simply a quest for the ultimate Australian olfactory experience”.

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