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Rosa Roll On Perfume Oil 10ml


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Rosa is the gorgeous afternoon glow of a rose’s petals in the soft, warm sunlight, featuring a delicate blend of blend of rose otto, citrus and ylang ylang.

Made with rose otto, ylang ylang, neroli essential oil, and fractionated coconut oil.

Bon Lux’s scent blends are created in-house and are created for their gentle, uplifting aromatherapy qualities, and of course, for use as beautiful all-natural perfumes.

Each perfume is made using pure essential oils of plants, petals, fruit peel and herbs, with no synthetic ingredients, or harm to animals.

Apply to wrists and neck as regularly as you’d like for a soft, natural perfume, scented by nature.

10 ml glass bottle with plastic top and roller ball.

Bon Lux is handmade in small batches, in Melbourne Australia.


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