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Robert Piguet L’Experience Piguet Set 5 x 2.5ml


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Five of Robert Piguet’s most enticing scents presented in 2.5 ml samplers. Housed in a chic pull-out coffret, L’ Expérience Piguet is the most exciting way to dip your toes into the incredible world of this niche fragrance brand legend. Fragrances include Fracas, Casbah, V (formerly Visa), Oud Délice and NoteS.


Fracas – With unmistakable and unrivaled opulent tuberose and jasmine accords, this lush and creamy concoction clings to a woman’s skin and warms with her unique chemistry.

Casbah – Intriguing yet elegant, Casbah has plenty of secrets and surprises. The warm whispers of black pepper and nutmeg introduce the delicate green melody of angelica root.

V – V de Robert Piguet opens with an initial bold sweetness of ylang-ylang that embraces luscious bergamot and pear, then rose, white peach and cinnamon come out, drying down to reveal sandalwood and leather. 

Oud Délice – This epicurean dream immediately captures the fragrance aficionado, seducing with mystifying deliciousness. Oud Délice creates a mouthwatering effect with caramelized amber, miel de Provence, fig, and of course, oud. 

NoteS – As with music, a great perfume is more than the sum of its notes. Notes de Robert Piguet is a tribute to some of the most exquisite materials in the perfumer’s palette, a fragrance of exceptional harmony and beauty.

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