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Purple Suede Parfum 100ml


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Purple Suede is the second addition to the Botanical Series, heroing the lavender that is now grown in Tasmania. Lavender is perhaps the matriarch of the essential oil industry in Tasmania. Brought to our shores in early 1900’s, its current crops were originally cultivated from true French lavender sourced from the Maritime Alps in Provence (which, funnily enough, enjoys a similar climate to ours). With Tasmania’s long summer days and cool breezes blowing off the southern ocean at night, Tasmania’s climate and soil conditions are ideal for cultivating lavender. Essential oils of Tasmania have worked closely with the University of Tasmania over many years to establish “Tasmanian lavender” which is now recognised as its own distinctive sub-species.

For this second olfactive edition, Dimitri Weber imagined the scent of aromatic fields of sunburnt lavender, where blossoms are crisped by the fierce heat of the sun. Paired with the scent of rust-coloured horse saddles, this perfume reveals a distinctively rich and dry silage. The sustainably-grown Australian lavender from Brookfield – Tasmania creates a dry leathery-aromatic accord with coriander, rustic hyssop flowers, and smoky woodleather, before making way for deep notes of patchouli, civet, cashmeran and animalic amber as the sun sets on this perfume. A modern leathery perfume of precious woods, spices and Australian lavender that creates a full-bodied silage from sunrise to sunset.


Top: Lavender Tasmania, Pink Pepper Reunion Island

Middle: Patchouli Indonesia, Woodleather, Hyssop Flowers France

Base: Oud, Amber, Civet, Oakmoss


Ilias Erminidis + Dimitri Weber


Purple Suede opens with dry lavender and sparkly pepper embedded in soft suede. After spending a bit of time on the skin, the fragrance enriches, revealing the earthy, sweet patchouli, and the anise of the hyssop flowers. The dry down is all about the animalic oud and civet, plus of course, the suede. This scent is a velvety, narcotic cocktail that stays on the skin for 8-10 hours.


We love how Purple Suede conjures the scent of sunburnt lavender – rich, and oily, blooms crispened by the sun. The suede/leather notes is complemented by the oud and civet which is so dense and deep, reminding us of sweet, smoky tobacco. Almost like you are in rural Tassie, wild and beautiful lavender fields to your right as you ride a majestic horse through the open fields to your left. The scent of the leather saddle, the animalic, warm tones of this beautiful animal, and then the fresh aromatic scent of blooming lavender under the hot summer sun. Mysterious and alluring, we also think of someone stylish wearing this scent wearing a deep purple suede jacket.

Created in Sydney by the wonderful and charismatic Dimitri Weber, the Goldfield and Banks perfume collection was founded in 2016 and heroes our incredible Australian landscape and native botanicals. After moving to Australia, Belgian born Weber fell in love with “Australia’s lush, aromatic and botanical beauty, it’s sweeping plains, turquoise fringed coast, ochre red interiors and harsh, dramatic landscapes” feeling compelled to create a perfume line that pays tribute to the extraordinary beauty of Australia”. Goldfield and Banks is a “luxurious and precious collection that is gender free, featuring exceptional pure and rare Australian essences and oils unexplored in modern perfumery. Combining centuries of French fragrance methodology, it is, quite simply a quest for the ultimate Australian olfactory experience”.

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