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Pas ce Soir EDP 10ml Travel Spray


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From BDK Parfums’ Collection Parisienne, where each creation takes the wearer on a journey through the districts of Paris, telling stories, portraying moments and capturing memories along the way. Paris is the anchorage of BDK Parfums, and in this collection, they seek to evoke the charisma and eclecticism of the incredible city where modernity and tradition meet. 

She gets ready in her office – she won’t have time to go back home. She touches up her makeup, putting on a red velour lipstick, adding a little more black to her eyes in chic Parisian style. She slams the door behind her as she leaves. Just like every Thursday, she’s going to the caberet at Place de la Concorde. She’s the kind of person who loves life and wants to enjoy every minute. She finds a stool at the bar and orders a whiskey on the rocks before lighting her cigarette. She people-watches for a while before getting up to dance. She ignores the men vying for her attention and enjoys dancing alone for a few hours. Eventually, a man who has caught her eye asks her to dance, and she obliges, for a short while, then leans in and tells him she must go. She likes him, but the morning is approaching. Before she leaves, she whispers to him “pas ce soir”…. “not tonight”.

Top: Black Pepper, Ginger, Mandarin, Pear
Middle: Moroccan Jasmine, Quince Chutney, Orange Blossom
Base: Cashmeran, Amber Wood, Singaporean Sandalwood 

Violaine Collas

Pas ce Soir opens with juicy, sweet pear and mandarin, complemented by the vibrancy of ginger and spice of black pepper. As the scent develops, the heady and intoxicating floral notes appear, as well as the uniquely addictive quince note. Cashmeran, amber wood and sandalwood give this fragrance a sensual, earthy base that adds to the overall voluptuousness of the scent. With impressive longevity, Pas ce Soir will last on the skin for 6-8 hours. 

We love the sexy flirtatiousness of Pas Ce Soir, and how it incorporates the sweetness of fruit without being sickly. Warm, vibrant and colourful, this is the fragrance for the best kind of night out. You flirt with whomever you want, kiss whoever you want, but at the end of the night, go home to your own bed and creature comforts. 

BDK Parfums is an independent perfume house founded by David Benedek. Specialising in unique, creative fragrances made up of high-quality raw materials, each scent has its own narrative, its own tale to tell. 
One of the youngest designers and house founders in the industry, David was born in 1989 to a Moroccan/Algerian mother and a Romanian father. Fragrance runs in his family – his grandparents opened a perfume boutique in Paris shortly after arriving there from Transylvania in the 60s. 
Each BDK fragrance works around a particular raw material, giving it a life and a story of its own. The house is in a perpetual search for flawless raw materials, which is why most concentrates they use are from the Grasse region in France. The creative process is never rushed; new scents are complete when the perfect equilibrium between notes is found, the alchemy perfect.
David wants people to choose their fragrance as they choose a book in a library – by wearing one of BDK’s scents, a person can experience the story of the perfume, and find the link between fragrance and imagination. 
BDK Parfums is based in the heart of Paris, Palais-Royal, so the lids of the BDK bottles have been designed to pay homage to the dome of the iconic Grand Palais. The monument holds many French treasures and is perfectly representative of French savoir-faire – of liberté, égalité, and fraternité – perfect for this proudly French house. 

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