No. 19 EDP 50ml


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Pure luxury and rare elements combine to evoke a classic yet modern genderless fragrance that strikes the perfect balance between freshness and depth.

Iced anise, Gimlet cocktail accord, Brisk juniper berry and Cracked black pepper

No. 19 opens with the sweet herbaceousness of aniseed which is brightened and freshened by the gimlet cocktail accord (lime juice and gin). The sharp, almost smoky juniper berry comes through next, which is amplified by the black pepper. As an Eau de Parfum this scent will last 6-8 hours on the skin. 

No. 19 is like a fancy, fresh cocktail handmade by a skilled mixologist. It’s got ouzo, gin, lime, and the salted rim has a little earthy heat from pepper in it. Fresh in a bubbly, exciting way, this is the perfect going out scent for the warmer months when you want something with a little bit of zing to it! 

Elevate your daily ritual with aromatherapy! Blomb’s clean, bright and sensual fragrances will maintain your olfactory signature all day (and night) long. Family-run out of California, Blomb strives to deliver fun, quality, affordable products for everyone. Blomb’s Eau de Parfums are all cruelty free and contain natural essential oils… so they’re ego-friendly too!  

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