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Killer Curls Wash 250ml


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Define, enhance, and refine naturally textured or permed hair with Kevin Murphy’s new killer products! A nourishing Oat Milk shampoo that gently cleanses hair while protecting the cuticle. Its ingredients, rich in fatty acids, preserve the hair’s strength and retain moisture to enhance texture for healthy, shiny hair.

•    Organic Oat Milk in addition with other ingredients can help reduce breakage and smooth the cuticles. Oat Kernel contains fatty acids that consist of proteins for moisturising and nourishment. With a similar profile to natural sebum, Oat Kernel derived fatty acids help to form a protective barrier and minimise moisture loss.
•    Soybean Oil Designed to work in conjunction with other ingredients to seal moisture into the hair, assists in refining texture and creates a natural sheen. High levels of Phospholipids mean that this plant derived oil has emollient qualities which make this ingredient a great carrier oil, helping to deliver other beneficial ingredients to the hair for lightweight moisture retention.
•    Castor Seed Oil Helps to improve shine and flyaways due to being rich in Ricinoleic Acid, a fatty acid that is long chained and helps to smooth and refine the texture of hair. This profile also means that it is a perfect humectant to seal moisture and provide nourishment to the hair shaft

Finally, a wash designed specifically for curly hair! If you need help wrangling your curls, there’s no better place to start than with your shampoo and conditioner. We love how nourishing the Killer Curls wash and rinse are, and the fact they also help with curl definement and styling is the ultimate added bonus! 

Curls, coils and twirlslore's stylist hot tip with illustrations of dolly parton, hair dryer, hairbrush and spray bottle

The Killer Curls Wash & Rinse are perfect for use for all types of curl, from waves to coils, and are designed to refine and enhance texture, combat breakage and prepare the hair for air-drying. 

Skincare for your hair! A master of his profession, no one understands the transformative power of hair better than Kevin Murphy. Born from the same philosophy as skincare, Kevin Murphy products are designed to deliver performance, strength and longevity. Salon quality products for at home use and professional level results!

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