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Dual EDP 50ml

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Aromatic, Citrus, Spicy
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Dual by Andrea Maack is  inspired by the calming water of the natural hot springs in the Icelandic highlands. This fragrance mimics the feeling of fresh water on the skin and the intense colour spectrum surrounding the hot spring lagoons. The powerful, uplifting aromas of ginger, lemon and pink pepper coexists with the grounded woody elements of dry amber and cedar wood resulting in an enlivening scent experience. A contrast of deep mineral warmth against the arctic air, the deep crimsons and yellow of sunset against a landscape of vivid forest greens and pale whites. This perfume is a striking mixture of notes to recreate the smell of the Icelandic landscape. 

Top: Ginger, Lemon
Middle: Cedarwood
Base: Dry Amber, Pink Pepper

Andrea Maack

Andrea Maack is a renowned Icelandic Visual Artist, breaking the boundaries between art, beauty and fashion. Her art stems from an internal drive to create innovative, multi sensory experiences. Andrea Maack created her first fragrance to accompany an installation art piece that she was exhibiting, and the range has grown from there, developed with an artistic approach, using the highest quality materials.

This fragrance is an Eau de Parfum and the longevity with Dual is strong yet gentle on the skin - long wearing but subtle.

We love Dual's effervescence - this is an aquatic, citrus scent with a twist. It is so bright, so full of zest and life, we feel like this is the perfect scent to wear during the day when you want a pick me up that still has some grounding depth to it.

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"Clean, crisp and fresh, thermal spring in a bottle is a thirst quencher for those after a gentle fresh aquatic scent. On my skin the lemon mixes with the ginger to give a zingy burst of life, while the cedarwood brings the forest surrounding the mineral spring a little closer into vision. The dry amber compliments this woodiness perfectly, and the pink pepper is a great touch, giving a little depth but remaining fresh. I would recommend this for someone after a subtle scent, that will leave them feeling refreshed, but with a little more of a twist opposed to a classic beach or citrus cocktail fragrance. "

Lore Team – Brandon