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v.1 Clear Heart – Heart of Freedom EDP 90ml

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An homage to the Australian summer. Freedom, movement, salt air, the endless summer. Running down the sand dunes toward the bright blue water, the sun on your skin, salt air catching to your hair. The Heart of Freedom epitomises joy, enthusiasm and childlike play. Inspired by the smells of summer, long days spent at the beach, a free and untamed heart. This scent is transparent, crisp and clean yet long lasting with a marine accord of such clarity.

Top: Citrus, Green Leaves, Blackcurrant
Middle: Watery Notes, Tunisian Neroli, Orris, Peony
Base: White Cedar Wood, Australian Sandalwood, Incense, Musks

Jacques Huclier

On the skin this perfume wears well – it has an earthy base which helps to give it silage and longevity. It is fresh like a gorgeous summer day and the clean sea breeze, slightly citrusy on the skin, clean and soft.

We love that this perfume smells so fresh and clean, the perfect addition to any summer day….or the perfect scent to wear when you are missing those beautiful warm summer days. The Heart of Freedom is citrus yet soft and smooth, there is no sharp citrus tones in this scent.

Map of the Heart is the journey inside our emotions. Everything comes from the heart. From pure joy, to lightness, love or aching darkness and desire – it is our essence. Through mapping our heart with scent and colour we can explore what makes our heart beat.

Conceived in Australia by partners Sarah Blair and Jeffrey Darling, Map of the Heart came to life in France. Sarah, a film producer and Jeffrey a film director, Map of the Heart was created using the same methodology of a film. Calling in a team of experts to work together to create a line of 7 scents that explore the different dimensions of our heart.

The incredible bottle design of the anatomical heart is a direct link to the message that everything that comes from the heart is true and unique. This is the real heart, not a pretty heart. Created by the renowned Pierre Dinand, this bottle creates a connection.

From the heart of freedom, to the heart of darkness to the heart of love, Map of the Heart takes us on an olfactory journey unlike any other brand. Map of the Heart is the heart beat of scent.


1 review for v.1 Clear Heart – Heart of Freedom EDP 90ml.

  1. Lore Team – Brandon

    This was the first fragrance I fell in love with from the range. Crisp and full bodied, it reminds me of a gentle breeze blowing my way, carrying the scent of a few wildflowers and leaves on the wind. I attribute this to their delicate blend of citrus, green leaves, watery notes and the gentle floral in the top and middle notes. It is gentle and present on the skin, and for me, truly does embody the idea of freedom, and I am ever grateful for the woods in the base that give it longevity, so I can enjoy it throughout my day.

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