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Ambre Safrano EDP 100ml


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From BDK Parfums’ Collection Exclusive, where each creation stars the highest quality ingredients available, resulting in the most opulent and compelling of fragrances.

This intensely sensual fragrance has amber at the heart of its olfactory narrative. Ambre Safrano explores the many facets of this precious raw material and how it can be sweet, resinous, earthy and powdery all at the same time. Blended with the golden tones of saffron, a leathery, velvety, gourmand softness is revealed. By combining vanilla with the smooth sensuality of sandalwood and oakwood, Ambre Safrano takes us on a heady, faraway olfactory journey.

The nose behind Ambre Safrano, Julien Rasquinet, attired the amber with saffron’s gilded fineries, as to make it even more precious. Saffron’s symbolism is very rich. During Antiquity, it embodied sensuality and exquisite pleasure. In India, it represents luck. It can suggest colour, wealth, joy, and opulence… saffron can tell all these stories simultaneously. 

Top: Saffron Accord, Madagascan Black Pepper, Plum Accord
Middle: Turkish Rose Absolute, Olibanum Absolute, Black Leather Accord 
Base: French Oakwood CO2, Madagascan Vanilla Bean Extract CO2, New Caledonian Sandalwood

Julien Rasquinet

Ambre Safrano opens with the golden warmth of saffron, sweetened ever so slightly by the dark, rich plum accord. Black pepper beckons in black leather, which blends seamlessly with the almost smoky olibanum resin. Throughout the wear, you get hints of velvety Turkish rose, and as the scent spends more time on the skin, creamy vanilla and sandalwood make themselves known. This fragrance has a stunning sillage and incredible lasting power – you should get 8-10 hours on the skin. 

This fragrance is the epitome of opulence, sophistication and elegance. Saffron is most definitely having a moment in fragrance right now, but Ambre Safrano puts a different spin on it that we really enjoy. The leather accord mixed with soft spice and the warmth of the saffron and amber makes such an intoxicating concoction. It transports us to a faraway market, lined with stalls selling everything from rare, leather-bound books to spices, incense and beautiful fabrics. 

BDK Parfums is an independent perfume house founded by David Benedek. Specialising in unique, creative fragrances made up of high-quality raw materials, each scent has its own narrative, its own tale to tell. 
One of the youngest designers and house founders in the industry, David was born in 1989 to a Moroccan/Algerian mother and a Romanian father. Fragrance runs in his family – his grandparents opened a perfume boutique in Paris shortly after arriving there from Transylvania in the 60s. 
Each BDK fragrance works around a particular raw material, giving it a life and a story of its own. The house is in a perpetual search for flawless raw materials, which is why most concentrates they use are from the Grasse region in France. The creative process is never rushed; new scents are complete when the perfect equilibrium between notes is found, the alchemy perfect.
David wants people to choose their fragrance as they choose a book in a library – by wearing one of BDK’s scents, a person can experience the story of the perfume, and find the link between fragrance and imagination. BDK Parfums is based in the heart of Paris, Palais-Royal, so the lids of the BDK bottles have been designed to pay homage to the dome of the iconic Grand Palais. The monument holds many French treasures and is perfectly representative of French savoir-faire – of liberté, égalité, and fraternité – perfect for this proudly French house. 

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