Atomiser List

Certain fragrances will not be able to be pumped from the bottom of the Lore Atomiser as their tube is too large. For these fragrances, unscrew the Lore Atomiser’s spray mechanism and spritz your fragrance directly into the vial. 

We have tried and tested our range of fragrances and our findings found that the following brands and products do not fit on our atomiser.

    CarthusiaAll fragrances
    Costume National All fragrances
    CreedAcqua Originale Collection
    Eight & Bob30ml Bottles
    Fragonard50ml Prestige Collection
    Glasshouse FragrancesAll fragrances
    Juliette has a GunLuxury Collection & 7.5ml Pocket Sprays
    Orto ParisiAll fragrances
    P. Frapin & CieAll fragrances
    Trudon15ml Bottles

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