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Whispered Myths EDP 50ml


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SYNOPSIS: When the long hours Azzam Issa pulls at his family’s bakery begin to interfere with his day-job as a security guard at The Louvre, things turn bizarre. Angelic creatures move from one painting to the next and statues speak to him in cryptic whispers. The delusions are a nuisance and the few hours of sleep he is afforded between jobs are no better; dominated by visits from ancient mariners and supernatural figures from worlds past. It isn’t until he begins to listen to these apparitions that he becomes truly unhinged. In the frantic search for the true identities of these lost souls, Azzam discovers something far more remarkable, his own.

Natural Cambodian Oud
Salvaged Shipwreck

Josh Meyer

Starting woody with sharp cedar and animalic cambodian oud, Whispered Myths doesn’t behave how you think it will. It takes a little while before the sweeter notes of cantaloupe and honey appear, but even then, they do so subtly (it smells more like the green rind of cantaloupe than the sweet orange flesh). It has as moistness to it that’s almost tropical, like the smell of earth on a humid day. This totally unique fragrance lasts 6-8 hours on the skin and takes you on a captivating journey throughout.

For us, Whispered Myths conjures Apocalypse Now imagery – a large, wooden boat travelling down a river in sweltering heat – a tropical descent back in time, history, mythology, legend – the inescapable smell of the jungle, hot skin, and sweet fruits. Long-lasting, bold, and artful, wear Whispered Myths with reverence and appreciate your dynamic place in this big, crazy world.

First launched in 2012, in Portland, Oregon, Imaginary Authors offers wildly unique fragrances, born from the concept of scent as art and art as provocation.
Like a good book, these scents are meant to inspire you. Inside each bottle is a layered narrative sure to generate stirring conversation, fragrance that might be capable of changing the course of your own personal story. They not only invigorate and intoxicate, but transport you to new, unexplored places… just follow your nose.
Imaginary Authors’ fragrances are composed using a harmonious blend of essential oils, absolutes, isolated molecules, safe synthetic molecules, C02 oils, and resins. Free of parabens and phthalates, they abstain from animal testing and are totally vegan. Designed to be worn by anyone and everyone, their fragrances are totally genderless.
Each Imaginary Authors fragrance follows a compelling storyline peppered with intriguing twists. Every scent comes with its own fictional synopsis, but it’s up to the wearer bring the story to life.
These are scents to curl up with, to share with friends, to take with you wherever you go, and to return to again and again for a uniquely transcendent olfactory experience.

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