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2023 An Extraordinary Holiday – Under the Mistletoe Candle 380g


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Introducing An Extraordinary Holiday – Glasshouse Fragrances’ 2023 Limited Edition Christmas Collection.

This year, Glasshouse Fragrances have created their own little fragrant Christmas village, brought to life by Melbourne-based illustrator Michelle Peirera. This living, breathing, vibrant collection sets the tone for a holiday that can only be described as extraordinary!

Christmas lights twinkle, presents are stacked high, tables are set for holiday feasts – each house on the street is a colourful scene, bursting with activity and fun. The scents that waft in the air remind us of holidays past, present and those to come… evoking that incomparable festive feeling that fills you with optimism and joy.

An Extraordinary Holiday celebrates the best part of the holidays – the moments spent together in our homes with the people we love the most. We think this might be our favourite Christmas collection from Glasshouse so far!

A charismatic blend of Cinnamon, Apple and Red Berries that invites loved ones to step under the mistletoe. Unforgettably festive and difficult to resist, it draws you in with its magnetic presence, promising romantic recollections for many years to come.

Top: Orange, Mandarin
Middle: Apple, Red Berries, Cinnamon, Clove Bud
Base: Vanilla, Sweet Caramel

The 380g soy candles will burn for up to 65 hours. Our favourite thing about the Extraordinary Holiday candles is that as they burn, the little windows light up with the candle’s flame! How cute!

In 2006, fragrance aficionado and New Yorker based in Sydney, Nicole Eckels, launched Glasshouse Fragrances. Birthed from a spark of imagination and a belief in the power of fragrance to transform and elevate the everyday, Glasshouse quickly grew to become one of Australia’s leading fragrance brands.
Each Glasshouse Fragrances scent starts conceptually – it may be inspired by a feeling, a moment, or a memory of a place. The fragrance is then painstakingly built around it to bring the concept to life. Starting as a home fragrance brand and now branching out into personal fragrances, the variety within the Glasshouse range means there really is an option for everyone and anyone.
If you want quality, potent home or personal fragrance, you can count on Glasshouse Fragrances to deliver. With their elegant up-cyclable vessels suited for any style of home décor, double-wicked candles, triple-scented fine fragrances, and EDPs perfect for on-the-go, they’re a no-fail option for any fragrance lover

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