Sunrise In Capri Candle 380g

Introducing the 2021 Summer Collection from Glasshouse Fragrances, The Capri Collection. Two limited edition fragrances take you from dawn until dusk on the jet-set Isle of Capri.

Orange Blossom & Coconut
Begin the day with a freshly-squeezed juice and the always sublime Sunrise in Capri. The horizon glowing with glorious golden hues while waves crash on the rocks below.
Sweet notes of Orange Blossom fold into fresh Jasmine, Coconut and a sparkling Citrus accord.

Top: Bergamot, Mandarin, Lime, Calone
Middle: Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Coconut
Base: Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood

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