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Fig Superior Bar Soap 150g


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Product Code: ARC11145

For this luxurious bar soap, Archivist teamed up with an incredibly talented and nose-trusted soapmaker in the dreamy land of Provence, France to bring you Savon d’Archivist (catchy right?!).

Intensely scented with fig aromas, lather this soap up for an olfacotry taste of forbidden fruit.

  • Fragranced with fig
  • Grounding and gourmand
  • Vegan
  • Made in France
  • Packaging made in UK from 100% recylced  Vegan Made in France Packaging made in the UK from 100% recycled paper 150g

Started by couple Sarah and William Allardice, Archivist Gallery was founded with a view to offer British Letterpress printed cards and stationery of the highest quality. The brand started in the archives of the British Natural History Museum, but now works collaborating with incredible designers from all around the world.
Archivist Gallery are the proud owners of Britain’s largest dedicated Letterpress printing facility, and are dedicated to quality and integrity, rejecting the notion of unfettered consumerism, instead focusing on conscious giving.
Their range has recently expanded to include matches, soaps, and bath products – which obviously all smell great, but also look absolutely adorable!

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