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v.6 Pink Heart – The Heart of Ecstasy EDP 90ml

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The Pink Heart is narcotic, hypnotic and almost hallucinogenic. Inspired by a voyage into a mythical world of the Lotus Eaters, a new floral dimension of ecstasy. A fragrance about indulging in pleasure and luxury. We have a single protagonist of this story, the Narcissus flower, dancing wildly, a dance of ecstasy. The Pink Heart is not all that it seems, remember this is an hallucinogenic world we are in. It is not all girly, gentle and pretty, we have the reference to The Black Heart and The Red Heart with the black and red lid. There is an ugly beauty, the deepness and potency of the darker heart still runs through The Pink Heart. We have an animalic quality that comes out after the bright opening. This scent is fun and joyous while it transports you to a dual dimension where what you see may not in fact be the reality.

Top: Shiso Leaf Accord, Neroli Oil, Basil Oil
Middle: Narcissus Absolute France, Jasmine Absolute, Broom Absolute, Orris Butter
Base: Sumac Accord, Pipe Tobacco Accord, Cistus Absolute, Australian Sandalwood


Jacques Huclier

The Pink Heart opens with a bright and green tone, almost like freshly cut flowers. It then settles into the most unique and beautiful floral with the dry undertone of the Narcissus as the shining star. The bouquet of white florals create depth and a slight creaminess with an interesting kick of Sumac. The wear of this perfume is great, we generally get atleast 8 hours on the skin and good silage.


Well, firstly we just love the pink bottle! But we really love how unique this perfume is on the skin, the dry down is so gorgeous, this floral is strong and intoxicating whilst also being quite refined as it has a beautiful dry, green floral feel.

Map of the Heart is the journey inside our emotions. Everything comes from the heart. From pure joy, to lightness, love or aching darkness and desire - it is our essence. Through mapping our heart with scent and colour we can explore what makes our heart beat.

Conceived in Australia by partners Sarah Blair and Jeffrey Darling, Map of the Heart came to life in France. Sarah, a film producer and Jeffrey a film director, Map of the Heart was created using the same methodology of a film. Calling in a team of experts to work together to create a line of 7 scents that explore the different dimensions of our heart.

The incredible bottle design of the anatomical heart is a direct link to the message that everything that comes from the heart is true and unique. This is the real heart, not a pretty heart. Created by the renowned Pierre Dinand, this bottle creates a connection.

From the heart of freedom, to the heart of darkness to the heart of love, Map of the Heart takes us on an olfactory journey unlike any other brand. Map of the Heart is the heart beat of scent.

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