No. 23 EDP 50ml


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This uniquely blended mélange of rare essences emits a rush of bright citrus in this very captivating fragrance.

Cedrat, Grapefruit, Tagete (Marigold), Vetiver, Crisp Green Apple, Amber, and Papyrus

No. 23 begins with a fresh, fruity cocktail of apple, grapefruit and citrus, before the slightly bitter earthiness of marigold appears, blended with the green spice of vetiver. The dry down reveals the smoothness of papyrus and resininousness of amber which underpin the juicy, fruity notes perfectly. As an Eau de Parfum which anchors the scent to the skin for 6-8 hours.

This unique fragrance is one of our faves in the Blomb range. Fruity without being overly sweet, with sparkles of earthy spice to accent it, this is a really fun fragrance that blends with the skin in a musky, sensual, sexy way. It has great lasting power and projection too, which is always a bonus!

Elevate your daily ritual with aromatherapy! Blomb’s clean, bright and sensual fragrances will maintain your olfactory signature all day (and night) long. Family-run out of California, Blomb strives to deliver fun, quality, affordable products for everyone. Blomb’s Eau de Parfums are all cruelty free and contain natural essential oils… so they’re ego-friendly too!

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