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Munlark Ash EDP 30ml


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Deep roots in undisturbed land. Creaking and creek lined. Gasps of crushed fir needles. A balsam of dense blue cypress and tree sap. A remedy of morning air inhaled deeply. Evergreen botanicals that mimic the quietness of first light. Ancient flowering trees and woods who graciously lend their oils for revival.

Top:  Bergamot, Australian Blue Cypress, Cypress
Middle: Black Pepper, Fir Needle,
Base: Frankincense, Vetiver, Labdanum, Himalayan Cedarwood, Elemi

25% Parfum w. Organic Sugarcane

All Mihan Aromatics™ parfums are designed and developed, hand filled and assembled, with pride and passion in Melbourne, Australia. They are cruelty free and vegan certified.

Josh and Jules Mihan

This Melbourne based perfume brand is created by husband and wife team – Josh and Jules. Some of our favourite faces here at Lore Perfumery, Josh and Jules live around the corner from our flagship store on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy so we’re lucky enough to see them quite a bit. This Melbourne made range is a true product of Australia, with each perfume telling the story of Josh and Jules’ relationship and adventures in and around Melbourne. First of all we love how this whole range smells…secondly and almost as much, we love how being from and inspired by Fitzroy amd it’s local surrounds…we feel like we can almost claim them as our own. So proud of Josh & Jules’ perfumed ode to their long standing and inspired lives in Fitzroy are we.

Munlark Ash is an Eau de Parfum that will last anywhere from 6-8 hours on the skin. The deep, resinous green of an abundance of cypress mingles as organically here with cedar, frankincense and vetiver, on the flesh, as they do in nature. With a slightly sweet, powdery warmth as it softens on the dry down, Munlark Ash’s complex depth is a delight and never overwhelms. It’s wear is soft and almost becomes like a comforting second skin, in the best possible sense.

Ahhhh…Munlark Ash! What don’t we love about this deep, sweet resinous ode to Mother Nature. A bush walk through the surprise surrounds of urban existence, on the fringes of bustling city sprawl, where inner city souls go for solice and soothe from the ‘business’ of life. A getaway to a deeply wooded escape, where one is instantly reminded of this scent whilst strolling ancient redwood giants and ferny creek surrounds, or equally transported to a nostalgic Summer spent in the clean air of the bush, warmed and transfixed by the campfire. Any which way or background, Munlark Ash is alive with a cosy sense of calm. A sweet escape from it all to recharge and revive. Inhale and exhale…you’ll know what we’re talking about!

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