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v.7 White Heart – The Heart of Love EDP 30ml


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The heart of true love in all its glory. The kind of love that is hot/cold, naive, curious, tender and wild. A love that is everything and nothing. The power and duality of love, contrasting and complex. But most importantly, self love. This is an absolute, unwavering love. A magical number (7) and a magical colour (white).

In the Middle East, the colour white represents a good heart. Falling into a pureness of heart with beautiful bright notes, basking in its radiance. Then a vibrancy and intensity, of natural earthy notes to ground and create a strong, everlasting love.

Top: French Lavender, Aldehydes, Indian Cardamom
Middle: Umeboshi, Somalian Frankincence, Spanish Cistus, Gardenia
Base: Natural Oud, Cypriol, Haitian Vetiver, Copaiba Balsam, Australian Sandalwood

Jacques Huclier

The White Heart is great on the skin, we love that it is full of light and shade when worn. The oud gives great hold when on the skin with sparkles of spice, floral and aromatic notes. The White Heart really is like everlasting love – it lasts for longer than 8 – 10 hours when on the skin.

We really love the way that this sits on the skin, it’s light and dark all at once. The White Heart is rich and deep but has a beautiful lightness and a creamy delicious heart with the gardenia note. A gorgeous warm and unique scent on the skin, so easy to wear and so special.

Born in Australia, made in France, Map of the Heart was conceived by partners Sarah Blair and Jeffrey Darling. Sarah a film producer and Jeffrey a film director, the brand was formed using film methodology, with a focus on the potent imagery fragrance can elicit. After calling in a team of experts to formulate the scents, the seven-part line came to life.
Each Map of the Heart fragrance comes straight from the heart, taking the wearer on a journey of emotion, memory, and sensation. From pure joy, to lightness, love or aching darkness and desire – our heart is our essence. By mapping it with scent and colour, we can explore what it is that makes our heart beat.
Created by renowned designer Pierre Dinand, the anatomical heart bottles aim to convey the notion that everything that comes from the heart is true and unique. This is the real heart, not a pretty, romanticised heart.
From the heart of freedom, to the heart of darkness, to the heart of love, Map of the Heart takes us on an olfactory journey unlike any other.

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