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Humidor Collection After Hours Candle 380g


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Introducing Glasshouse Fragrance’s new limited edition art deco-inspired collection, Humidor. This limited edition range is their take on the Gilded Age, a time of lavish living. To create it, the imagined a ‘Deco Diva’ then crafted two decadent and dramatic home fragrances she’d indulge in when wanting to escape the humdrum of everyday.

The result is a  duo of transportive scents that pay homage to the speakeasies and smoking rooms of yesteryear. Each one is nostalgic but with a contemporary, smoky twist – a nod to the humidor. After Hours is all spiced rum and tendrils of sweet cigar smoke, while Heavy Petal blends smoked patchouli with velvety tulip petals.

Warm and inviting, they’re perfect for winter.

After Hours is the scent of Rum and sweet Vanilla swirled with Leather and toasty Tobacco. As the night casts its spell, the speakeasy calls your name. The scent of a clandestine bar where the sound of jazz piano plays and Champagne is ever-flowing. Spiced rum and vanilla cocktails, the leather scent of old, well-worn couches and, finally the soft linger of sweet tobacco smoke.

Top Notes: Tobacco, Spiced Rum, Ginger
Middle Notes: Tobacco, Black Pepper, Wood, Patchouli
Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Styrax, Benzoin, Vanilla, Leather, Saffron


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