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Fragrance Library 8 x 5ml


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Glasshouse Fragrances Eau de Parfum collection in one gorgeous gift box. Includes 8 fragrances from the range. Great for trying out the range and gifting!

Included in the pack are 8 x 5ml EDP fragrances in the following scents:

– A Tahaa Affair Devotion: Butterscotch Caramel & Jasmine
– Forever Florence: Wild Peonies & Lily
– Rendezvous: Amber & Orchid
– Diving into Cyprus: Sea Salt & Saffron
– Melbourne Muse: Coffee Flower & Vanilla
– Midnight in Milan: Saffron & Rose
– Kyoto in Bloom: Camellia & Lotus
– Sunsets in Capri: White Peach & Sea Breeze


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