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A facial cleansing towel that removes dead skin cells, absorbs excess oil, and helps get rid of bacteria – all without the need for soap or a cleanser!

The SASAWASHI textile harnesses the superpowers of the natural fibers woven into it which make it absorbent, antibacterial, deodorising and gentle on the skin.

Just wet it in hot water, lightly wring it out, and rub it on the skin with gentle circular motions. The towel effortlessly exfoliates the skin, leaving you with a soft and smooth result.

Size : 19cm x 22cm

SASAWASHI is an innovative new fabric produced in Japan, made by blending WASHI paper yarn and KUMAZASA leaves. The combined properties of these natural materials result in an absorbent, easy-to-clean, naturally antibacterial textile utilised in the SASAWASHI face and body towels. Oil absorbing, softly exfoliating, gentle on sensitive skin, with natural deodorising and purifying properties, your skin will feel soft, supple and totally cleansed after just one use!


  • Wash off any oil or stains on the towel with soap and water
  • Machine washable. (Use net)
  • Please wash separately from other colored items
  • Do not use bleach, wash with mild detergent
  • If you notice any skin problems while using this product, please stop using it
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