Dark Flowers #2 Gift Set EDC 4 x 15ml


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Dark Flowers is a collection of supernatural, spooky, spectacular scents that are unlike anything you have experienced in mainstream perfumery. These Dark Florals are beautiful, of course, but radical and truly unique in their approach to scent. These fragrances use materials not usually found in fragrance, and in combinations you will find nowhere else. Each is a statement in scent, with unique twists and turns that are different in character and approach from the Classic Demeter Fragrance Library

Contains Mystical Blooms EDC 15ml, Shadow FlowersEDC 15ml, Ominous Mist EDC 15ml & Haunted Souls EDC 15ml.

Mystical Blooms

An enchanting fragrance with a core of Night Blooming Orchid and Crimson Dahlia, shrouded in a veil of elusive tobacco and musk notes. It’s top notes exude a hint of enigmatic spices, like Saffron, and unique fruity scents, like Bergamot and Fig Nectar, luring you into an ethereal journey.

Shadow Flowers

An enigmatic and alluring fragrance that exudes a mysterious and haunting charm. At its core, it embraces a delicate yet intoxicating blend of elusive dark blooms, including Jasmine Sambac and fiery Tuberose Absolute, all shrouded in an air of darkness.

Ominous Mist

The fragrance opens with a burst of Black Raspberry, Mandarin Orange and Blood Orange, capturing the essence of the mist as it embraces you in its ethereal embrace. As it evolves, hints of aromatic Jasmine and Orange Blossom add depth and complexity to the atmospheric blend.

Haunted Souls

Haunted Souls is an evocative fragrance that delves into the depths of emotions and memories, capturing the essence of souls that linger in the realm of the living. At its core, it intertwines a blend of dark and introspective notes, embodying a deep, melancholic symphony of Patchouli, Smoky Myrrh and Leather.

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