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Since its origins, the style of Costume National has always stood out for its unique blend of two fashion cultures quite far from each other: Japanese culture, with its minimal and deconstructed lines, and Italian culture, world renowned for its impeccable sartorial quality. Costume National’s J and I are a beautiful pair, paying homage to the roots, the inspiration and the aesthetic of the brand.

Creating an intriguing journey from East to West, J is an ode to Japan – where inspiration began for what is now Costume National. The bright elegance, where the past meets the future, J tells the story of the quintessential iconic Japanese Cherry Blossoms. A fascinating country with a rich cultural background. Throughout its millennial history, remarkable traditions and customs have consolidated, strongly characterizing the everyday life and making Japanese known worldwide for their natural discretion, calmness and delicacy combined with a great sense of humility, dignity and moral strength. Inspired by Japanese culture, J embodies the sparkling personality, the creativity, the beauty, elegance and traditions. The delicate Cherry Blossoms epitomise the refinement of Japan, playful and kawaii, yet also steeped in tradition and respect.

Top: Mandarin Orange, Lime, Neroli
Middle: Cherry Blossom, Orange Blossom, Rose
Base: Cashmere Wood, Rice, Cedar, Moss

Fanny Bal

Japan is an Eau De Parfum, which should generally give the wearer around 6 – 8 hours of longevity on the skin. Being such a delicate concoction however, you’ll probably find that although it does spring to life and deepen with the warmth of your skin, this essence of Japan will be a polite and gentle wear. One you may want to top up on before then, just to make sure it’s still there. The Cherry Blossom and Orange Blossom take centre stage, a light and sweet floral with an incredibly fresh opening but settling to a soft, warm and clean floral base.

Like a big, beautiful bouquet bursting with bountiful blossoms, we are obsessed by the way this fragrance captures everything we fantasise Japan to be, especially at Blossom time. Transporting you immediately to a walk beneath the spring shower of delicate petals, as they come to their fruition and float gracefully down from the branches above, directly onto the skin…or a reverent afternoon stroll through one of her many glorious Eastern gardens. A pure and delicate blend of assorted blooms and fruits, that perfectly captures the essence of this sensory, seasonal experience in a bottle. A celebration of all things polite, pure and natural about Japan.

Founded in 1986 by Capasa brothers Ennio and Carlo, the Costume National fashion label emerged as a fusion between Japanese and Italian cultures. Learning his craft in Japan, Ennio began the fashion in his home country of Italy (based in Milan). The Costume National line is based on the history, craftsmanship and raw materials from both cultures. Their aesthetic extends to their iconic fragrance line – Minimal, Chic and Rock’n’Roll.

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