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Cosmos Linen Eye Pillow


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A perfectly weighted, soothing linen eye mask for 5 minutes of shut-eye and relaxation. For use during yoga, massage, meditation, to darken a room for rest or to soothe a thumping headache.

Handmade using Bon Lux’s limited edition, house-designed linen fabric Cosmos, which is printed in Melbourne! Cosmos matches the Cosmos Wheatbags, Cosmos Magical Bubbly Bath and Roll On Perfume Oil for the pmost perfectly curated pamper pack!

Contains: Australian-grown wheat kernels and organic lavender buds.

Measures: 22 x 9cm

To use: place over eyes and breathe deeply…and for a nifty headache treatment, cool down in your freezer inside a plastic bag. If you prefer a warm eye pillow, warm up in 10 second intervals in a microwave, but take care not to overheat!

Handmade in small batches, in Melbourne, Australia

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