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Wedding Perfume



We invite you to experience a private wedding perfume consultation with one of our experienced perfume hosts.

We understand how tricky it can be organising everything for your big day – so we are here to make picking your signature perfume that little bit easier!

You will deep dive into the world of perfume — learn about different and unique brands and scents that you may have never tried (or even heard of before).

You’ll share your likes and dislikes, your perfume history, the details of your wedding (day and night), and how you want to feel.

We’ll share our expert knowledge, and indulge you in the different notes and ingredients, and tips and tricks for both wearing and storing scent.

The consultation is methodical, simple and, most importantly, fun. After our chat, we’ll select our recommendations and work from there.

The skin test is a really important part of the experience and so interesting, so make sure to come naked (jk…just don’t put perfume on beforehand!).

It doesn’t need to stop at your own fragrance — we can talk about your partner, the bridal party, mother of the bride, or even how you’d like to scent your wedding venue.

Bridal Perfume

At Lore Perfumery we are the experts in perfume — we make it easy for you.

How does it work?

EXPERIENCE: A private one-on-one perfume consultation with one of our experienced Perfume Hosts

WHEN: Weekends and weekdays from 9am – 10am (bookings essential)

WHO: Come alone, or bring up to 3 people along with you. You’ll be our focus, but if time permits, we can find dream fragrances for all your guests.

We’re all about inclusivity here at Lore — bring your besties, your grandma, your kids or just roll solo.

SEAL THE DEAL: Mimosas for everyone to kick the party off!


Wedding Perfume Consultation

*Ts + Cs: Bookings must be made 48 hours in advance.

All consultations take place at our store at 9am and take 1 hour max. The store opens to the public at 10am.

A maximum of 4 guests (inc bride and/or groom) may attend.

The consultation ($199) is non redeemable or refundable, but you can transfer to another date with 48 hours notice.

We are not a licensed venue therefore only one alcoholic beverage can be served per person.

Attendees may not bring alcohol onto the premises.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Perfume

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