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Wattle – Rose Scented Eye Pillow 200g


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For use warm, cold or room temperature, eyepillows have a lot of uses such as easing headaches and migraines, helping sore eyes and helping you relax and get to sleep easier.

Scent: Rose is calming for the mind and not as intense as lavender, making it perfect for relieving migraines or headaches.

Pattern: With its light and fluffy pom-pom-like flowers, the Wattle is one of the happiest flowers around. The print is on the front of the wheatbag which has a lovely soft sunny yellow on the back.

FOR USE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE: Place eye pillow over the eyes for relief of sore eyes, headaches and migraines. FOR USE WARM: Place your eye pillow in the microwave for 30-60 max. Ensure the pillow is not too hot before placing on the eyes. Useful for sore eyes or sinuses. If you have any specific eye conditions, consult your eye specialist before using the eye pillow like this. FOR USE COLD: Place your pillow in the freezer for 30 minutes or until it’s cold – it can even be stored in there until you need it, as long as it is in a freezer-safe container. Useful for headaches, migraines and sore eyes.
100% cotton, Australian wheat, organic Rose petals


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