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Tie-dye Large Round Decorative Tray


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Product Code: FPP10491

A true statement piece to add to your home.

Every tray is handmade to order, adding a unique touch to this purchase, so you will never get the exact same as the next person. Please be aware colour and pattern may vary due to this.

Made from resin formulated from materials that would otherwise have entered landfill (as it is a by-product of the oil industry!).

Size: 27.4cm
Material: Epoxy Resin & Opaque Pigment

•    Each tray is completely unique
•    Heat resistant
•    Food Safe (however, please do not cut on them)
•    Made using the highest quality Epoxy Resin
•    Handcrafted in the Fat Pom Poms studio in the UK

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