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Tea for Two EDT 100ml

Fragrance Family

Aromatic, Smokey
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Tea for Two is a dark smoky composition with lucidity and vibrancy of hues. It brings nostalgia for winter days with its memory of smoky lapsang souchong tea and a porcelain plate of spicy gingerbread cookies. Once the smoky tea evaporates, the spicy accord of cinnamon, anise and ginger is thrown into relief. Tea for Two is balanced by a drizzle of honey and base of vanilla that seeps through slowly. With notes of Green Anise Seeds, Bergamot, Gentian, Ginger, Smoked Tea, Honey, Vanilla, Tobacco Leaves and Guaiac Wood.

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"I'd like to consider myself a connoisseur of tea scents. From green tea to heavily brewed black tea, I like them all. Tea For Two is an iconic tea scent that all others shall be judged against. It is incredibly complex - shifting from its bright bergamot opening (reminiscent of Earl Grey) to a smoky dry middle before settling to a deep, warm and sweet vanilla and tobacco base. One of the biggest shapeshifters I've encountered - it really changes quite dramatically. Essential for all tea lovers."