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Tea for Two EDT 100ml

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Tea for Two is an ethereal fragrance of rich Chinese tea creating a blend of warm Spices and Honey. A delicious spicy tea with a warm embrace. Tea for Two has a dark, smoky composition with the Lapsang Souchong Tea note however there is still a magnificent lucidity and vibrancy of hues throughout. It brings nostalgia for warm cups of tea on cold winter days with its memory of smoky Lapsang Souchong tea and a porcelain plate of spicy gingerbread cookies. Once the smoky tea evaporates, the spicy accord of Cinnamon, Anise and Ginger is thrown in for relief. Tea for Two is balanced by a drizzle of Honey and base of Vanilla that seeps through slowly. The most comforting of fragrance blends that recreates the stillness and calm a simple cup of tea can provide.

Top: Bergamot, Star Anise Lapsang Souchong Tea
Middle: Cinnamon, Ginger, Spices, Gingerbread
Base: Tobacco, Honey, Vanilla, Leather

We get a strong hit of smokiness in the opening of Tea for Two, it smells so realistically like a big cup of freshly brewed Lapsang Souchong Tea! On the skin, the warmth comes out, there is a soft sweetness from the spices and Honey and Vanilla notes that create such a lovely comforting feel. The wear is generally around 8 hours on the skin, give or take a little, without being too loud, despite the strong and powerful notes.


We love wearing this fragrance on cold winter days as much as we love a sweet and spicy hot cup of tea. This fragrance warms us up, it is a darker tea fragrance that has a really unique composition. We love the smoky tone that really lifts the fragrance without overpowering it. In true Olivia Giacobetti and L’Artisan style – this is a full-bodied and bold fragrance blend yet it is surprisingly soft and skin-like once it hits the skin.

Olivia Giacobetti

L’Artisan Parfumeur, the original niche perfume house was launched in 1976. The iconic French perfume house has paved the way for niche perfumes, while working with some of the world’s best noses. L’Artisan Parfumeur continues to innovate and create artisan, niche perfumes. A perfume collection for the perfume connoisseurs, L’Artisan’s signature perfume style remains at the forefront of the niche perfume world setting trends and creating unique masterpieces.

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1 review for Tea for Two EDT 100ml.

  1. Esz

    I’d like to consider myself a connoisseur of tea scents. From green tea to heavily brewed black tea, I like them all. Tea For Two is an iconic tea scent that all others shall be judged against. It is incredibly complex – shifting from its bright bergamot opening (reminiscent of Earl Grey) to a smoky dry middle before settling to a deep, warm and sweet vanilla and tobacco base. One of the biggest shapeshifters I’ve encountered – it really changes quite dramatically. Essential for all tea lovers.

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