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Tardes Hair Perfume 50ml


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A delicate hair mist that envelopes the hair in the soft and earthy fragrance of Tardes. The Carner Hair Perfumes are 100% free of sulphates, Mineral Oils, Phthalates and Parabens. Perfect for on-the-go spritzing, they come with a travel bag.

The country side at dusk – the scent of wheat fields and almond trees in the gentle breeze as the sun begins to dips on a magical summers day. The sun is setting and the subtle scent of wild roses and geranium also begin to drift through as the day melts away and into night. That moment between light and dark, the peace and harmony in that small moment in time, with the anticipation of the evening about to unfold..

Top: Egyptian Geranium, Bulgarian Rose, Rosewood, Almond
Middle: Virginaian Cedarwood, Celery, Plum 
Base: Venezuelan Tonka Bean, Musk, Heliotrope

Daniela Andrier

We love the subtle, smooth sexiness of Tardes, a soft and earthy scent when on the skin with some light and shade. There’s something very alluring about that time of the day when the sun starts to dip and the anticipation of the night ahead unfurls and this scent takes us from day to night perfectly.

Created by Sara Carner in 2008, the Carner Barcelona perfume collection is a beautiful, modern and sophisticated ode to her home of Barcelona. Capturing the essence of the Barcelona’s Mediterranean soul, Carner Barcelona has a unique vibrance much like the city itself. Each scent has its own identity and tells the story of Barcelona, from its culture, to its architecture, lifestyle and people. Entirely produced in Barcelona, using local artisans, the Carner Barcelona perfume line merges tradition with modern innovation to truly infuse each scent with the Mediterranean spirit. The wooden caps on each bottle of perfume are sourced ethically from sustainable European forests then engraved by hand in Barcelona. The elegant glass bottles portray the effortlessly chic aesthetic of the Mediterranean coast line. And each perfume box has a special message engraved on the inside panel that evokes the emotion of each fragrance and ultimately, the spirit in which each Carner Barcelona fragrance is always “made with love”.


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