Miller et bertaux

Study #17 EDP 100ml

Fragrance Family

Aromatic, Fruity, Green

A crisp and fresh, fruity scent, inspired by the simplicity of nature. With light herbal notes infused with warm fruits and a mossy base, this study into the greenness of nature. A playful dance through the woods, the air is damp and refreshing, the green leaves have tiny droplets of dew and the flowers and fruits are beginning to bloom. There is a soft gentleness of nature at its finest. 

Top: Bergamot, Green Notes, Mint, Tarragon
Middle: Geranium, Rhubarb, Jasmine
Base: Blackcurrant, Moss

Vincent Ricord

Study No. 17 by Miller et Bertaux is an Eau de Parfum. A sweeter, deeper herbaceous alternative to it’s close relative: Green, Green, Green…& Green. The emphasis here still being green, but combined with moist, soft florals, leaves and mossy woods upon dry down you’ll be enjoying up to 6 - 8 hours on the skin.

We love how this fragrance represents a poetic ode to the Seasons, transporting you away to a cooler time and place. A cabin in the woods, or room by a lake, surrounded by mossy logs and moist greenery, where the scent of rain soaked leaves float gently into the room through a half opened window. Ahhh.

Partners in life, artists and adventurers, Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux opened a boutique in the Marais, Paris to share their inspiration; their wonderful finds with the world. From here, a fragrance collection was born. A series of stories, of experiences and of places brought to life in fragrance. “Fragrances for the body and soul, dedicated to those who chose the balance of being and appearance. “ The eclectic nature of their vision, and their trips translated into perfumes.

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