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The scent of sound. Music festivals, the heat of summer, the thump of the base, complete presence in the moment. Sonar is a fusion of light and sound, a distinctive and vivacious fragrance that sparkles with intensity on the skin. Sonar immerses us in the flow of the music, the beat of the people and the community that surrounds. This is a unique Tuberose fragrance with a Beer accord and a metallic, rubbery essence. The sweetness of the Tuberose and Vanilla mingle perfectly with the sharp, earthiness of the Beer and Metallic Woods and then the subtlety of Burnt Rubber round out this perfume to hit the senses all at once!

Top: Italian Bergamot, Pink Pepper
Middle: Tuberose, Beer Accord, Saffron
Base: Metallic Vibrant Woods, Vanilla

Jacques Huclier

Sonar opens with a sharp citrus on the skin then gently moves into the warm floral tones of Tuberose. The Metallic Woods, Burnt Rubber and Beer are there but don’t overtake the perfume, they just create a curious edge. We find that Sonar lasts a long time on the skin, it is quite long lasting and silage is strong. We generally get atleast 8 hours, although the scent softens over time.

We love something new and unique and Sonar absolutely delivers! It smells as though it is almost bubbling over with the Beer and Citrus notes then the Tuberose gently grounds the perfume. Part of the Wild Line, Sonar is an outrageous blend of notes inspired by a completely immersive experience of sound. The scent of the community at a music festival, sound fills your ears, you can feel the bass throughout your body while wedged between other festival goers moving to the beat – Sonar is an ecstatic moment that fills all of the senses.

Created in Barcelona in 2016 by Romy, 27 87 is utterly modern. With a young, creative and innovative force behind the range, 28 87 decided it was time for a more contemporary approach to fragrance that matched the taste and lifestyle of today’s generation. Minimalist design, unisex, long lasting and a focus purely on the most important factor – the smell. 27 87 stand for a new era of artistic perfumery whilst respecting and staying loyal to the standards of high end traditional craftsmanship.

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