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Smart EDP 50ml

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Floral, Musk
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Created to accompany Andrea Maack's work for an art exhibition, the theme for Smart comes from an empty white gallery space. At first it emits substance and intimacy but as you spend more time and delve deeper the visceral moods unravel, revealing the sensual and the seductive. Smart opens with a luxurious line-up of soft Jasmine, luscious Vanilla, exotic Sandalwood and creamy Musk blended carefully with a subtle Buckskin Leather note that holds the white notes in balance. This perfume is soft and warm but never overly sweet or floral. Imagine the smell of paper - think old books, with that soft, warm, earthy muskiness and the beautiful leather binding. It is intimate, clean and sensual. The first release in the Andrea Maack collection.

Top: Vanilla, Violet Leaf
Middle: Jasmine, Sandalwood
Base: White Musk, Buckskin Leather

Andrea Maack

Andrea Maack is a renowned Icelandic Visual Artist, breaking the boundaries between art, beauty and fashion. Her art stems from an internal drive to create innovative, multi sensory experiences. Andrea Maack created her first fragrance to accompany an installation art piece that she was exhibiting, and the range has grown from there, developed with an artistic approach, using the highest quality materials.

This fragrance is an Eau de Parfum and the longevity with Smart is strong yet gentle on the skin - long wearing but subtle.

We love how the Musk, Sandalwood and Leather deepen this perfume to give it a dusty, earthy tone - it is so sensual on the skin.

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"This smell reminds me of those 90’s plastic toys, my little pony and strawberry shortcake, Polly pocket things. A squeaky vanilla. Very childlike and powdery."


"This should actually be called ‘Silk’! It is so smooth and silky, the notes I pick up are sandalwood, vanilla and musk, though there is more to it. It is like your skin scent but better, I adore this one it is easy to wear and so inoffensive."


"I love Andrea Maack fragrances but this is definitely one of my favourites, I love anything with vanilla and musk and this fragrance really does transport you to a whimsical magical place. If you love sweet and sensual you will adore this fragrance My absolute fav"


"Andrea Maack was my favourite before it was discontinued a while back. So you can imagine my excitement when it was revamped and back in stock. Smart is by far my favourite.❤️"