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Santalum Room Spray 100ml

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Sensuous. Sophisticated. Animalic. Don’t be shocked if you grunt or growl when burning this heady one Babe! Perfect while entertaining your guests - or lover, over lingering cocktails and dinner.

No ordinary fragrance! The Babe candles are developed with bespoke, perfume quality fragrances and designed in collaboration with a third generation French perfumer.

Top: Grapefruit – A zesty and fresh introduction to the heart and base notes
Heart: Spice & Ylang-Ylang – erotic and narcotic with thrilling sharpness 
Base: Wood and Animal – deep, earthy and powerful, animalic

Infused with the finest botanical fragrance oils, Babe room sprays bring a burst of fresh, luxurious scent into your home and fav spaces.

Cruelty-free and vegan friendly.  

Spritz in the air to freshen & enchant your favourite spaces, yoga mat, luggage, linen press, and your entire wellness world.

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"All of the Babe room sprays are the bomb, in my opinion, but I’m a particular fan of Sandalwood so I’ll review this one. I love them because they smell good in a ‘natural’ way so don’t irritate any sensitivities like I have to some. Because they smell so natural they also do a great job of combatting unwanted odours around the home, blending artfully with unwanted smells to dissipate them, rather than smell like they’re just covering them up!"

Lore Team - Clea