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Black Collection Sandor 70’s EDP 50ml

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The Sandor was one of Barcelona’s most iconic bars of the 1970’s – the Spanish version of Studio 54 – a place to see and be seen. Imagine the smoke from expensive cigars flirting with the rich leather of old worn armchairs and the mingling of the many aristocrat’s fragrances all in the one room. Sandor 70’s is an ode to the 70’s – to excess and parties an era of decadence.

Top: Suede Accord, Italian Bergamot, Vintage Jasmine Absolute, Chines Osmanthus Absolute, Bulgarian Rose Essence 
Middle: Tobacco Accord, Clary Sage Absolute, Virginian Cedarwood, Peru Balsam, Mexican Vanilla Extract
Base: Spanish Leather Accord, Patchouli Essence, Vetiver Essence, Ethiopian Frankincense Extract, Oak Moss Absolute

Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Sandor 70’s is leathery and boozy, perfectly depicting the smells of a fancy club. It’s a fusion of all of the fragrances from the club merging as one and overtaking your senses in the best possible way. It is rich and warm, the leather is strong with smokiness and dark deliciously seductive depth.

This is the ultimate scent for anyone obsessed with the 70’s. We love the decadence of Sandor 70’s, the nod to this era, and also a nightclub that oozed decadence and of course, the wonderfully rich, warm base.

Created by Sara Carner in 2008, the Carner Barcelona perfume collection is a beautiful, modern and sophisticated ode to her home of Barcelona. Capturing the essence of the Barcelona’s Mediterranean soul, Carner Barcelona has a unique vibrance much like the city itself. Each scent has its own identity and tells the story of Barcelona, from its culture, to its architecture, lifestyle and people. Entirely produced in Barcelona, using local artisans, the Carner Barcelona perfume line merges tradition with modern innovation to truly infuse each scent with the Mediterranean spirit. The wooden caps on each bottle of perfume are sourced ethically from sustainable European forests then engraved by hand in Barcelona. The elegant glass bottles portray the effortlessly chic aesthetic of the Mediterranean coast line. And each perfume box has a special message engraved on the inside panel that evokes the emotion of each fragrance and ultimately, the spirit in which each Carner Barcelona fragrance is always “made with love”.

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2 reviews for Black Collection Sandor 70’s EDP 50ml.

  1. Pep Dalessandri

    Oh yes! Gimme gimme. I havent found anything else that combines boozy notes, stale tobbaco and musks this well. It will take you back to Spain’s version of Studio 54. And lasts a long time toi

  2. RichRen84

    Seriously Sexy! Rich, smoky, boozy and spicy sweet is name of the game with this one. This is like wearing a velvet suit having a stiff drink at a dimly lit bar filled with tobacco in the air and worn leather stools. Truly a sophisticated scent and oozes masculine energy. Projects extremely well and will last long after u leave the club in the early parts of the morning. Highly recommend just ask the friendly Lore team to experience Sando 70’s for yourself!

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