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Salt Soak – Rose the Vibe 74g


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Made from ingredients sourced from across the wild yonder, these single-use bath soak sachets are your ticket to an exquisite multi-sensory bathing experience.

Each sachet is 74 grams, made from post-consumer recycled materials.  Rip open, pour in and chill out!

An aromatic high vibe journey into your hearts centre, this blend of organic Bulgarian Rose Otto and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood will help you reconnect with your inner calm.

Studies how just one drop of Rose Otto oil placed on the toe can affect the entire body within 20 minutes! Rose Otto is the highest vibrational plant.

Founded in 2003 in the US state of Wisconsin, Wild Yonder is a body care line inspired by travels around the world and the rapture of the nomadic experience.
The folks at Wild Yonder Botanicals work with plants, lovingly blending them to create multi-sensory, immersive botanical offerings. Their continued thirst for holistic botanical folk knowledge results in an ever-shifting and evolving selection, created with the finest and most consciously produced and procured ingredients. Wild Yonder keeps it simple, using only pure ingredients from the ground or sea – never any synthetics, filers, parabens, or otherwise nasty stuff.
The official licensed body care line for The Grateful Dead (um, cool!) Wild Yonder provides radically botanical-based products, made with love and imbued with the grooviest of vibes.

(All Organic): Quartz-charged sea salt, Epsom salts, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil and biodynamic honey.
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