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Rosa Hand Sanitiser 200ml

Gone are the days of hand sanitisers leaving our hands smelling like cheap Tequila! One of our favourite brands, Babe Australia, have got us covered - protecting us from germs and bacteria whilst leaving our hands smelling like a delicious Rose garden. 

Scent Notes: Developed to set a mood where anything is possible, with heady Rose & Violet notes, finished with spices and resin for a seductive and forbidden moment.

This luxury scented hand sanitiser that kills 99.9% of germs

Made in Australia with WHO recommended 70% alcohol content, our luxury scented hand sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs.

Developed to instantly sanitise hands anywhere, Babe's luxury scented hand sanitiser is nourishing and gentle on skin, and features a natural active ingredient for deep and instant skin hydration.

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