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In 1751 the novelist Henry Fielding proclaimed that ‘Gin-shops are undoubtedly the Nurseries of all manner of Vice and Wickedness.’ Seeking to illustrate this downfall of public virtue, between 1732-34 the English artist William Hogarth published eight canvases depicting A Rake’s Progress. One of Hogarth’s most infamous works, the protagonist Tom Rakewell’s ruin is depicted by his exposure to high living, prostitutes and gambling. Inspired by these Hogarth’s scenes of degeneracy within the Georgian metropolis we revive their spirit in Rake & Ruin – a fragrance capturing an evening in a tavern, where gin flows, good times are had, and the slide begins… This powerful Eau De Parfum (30% concentration) features the botanical ingredients of the drinks that filled the glasses, the dark woods of the floors on which they were spilt and animalic allusions to the debauched deeds that took place between them.

Top: Smoke, Angelica, Gin, Licorice, Sichuan Pepper, Juniper, Pink Pepper, Orange, Coriander, Lemon
Middle: Cypress, Smoke, Pine Needles, Castoreum, Labdanum, Costus, Cade Oil, Violet, Orris
Base: Smoke, Woody Notes, Abarome, Sandalwood, Musk

Julie Marlowe

Packed with masculine power and great longevity, Rake & Ruin is an Eau de Parfum that will last at least 8 hours, if not longer. As with all Beaufort London fragrances it’s incredibly strong on the skin, so not much is needed to convey it’s potency. Highly concentrated and so very striking, you’ll always be sure to stand out in a crowd wearing this bad boy.

We love the way Rake & Ruin evokes the contrast of extremes. An inspired pairing of both Tonnerre and The Iron Duke combined. The metallic, smoke infused beauty of war soaked tragedy. The ruggedly handsome, well put together military man, silent and stoic as he surveys the land and carnage laid out before him, drowning his turmoil and sorrows in excess and debauchery to his ultimate demise. It’s almost all too much. Rake & Ruin indeed. Pick your poison and your battle wisely.

Beaufort London is an incredibly unique English perfume house created by musician and writer Leo Crabtree. Inspired by Crabtree’s lifelong love of fragrance mixed with his fascination with the darker elements of British history, Beaufort London’s first collection of intense, and bold perfumes is titled “Come Hell or High Water”. Coming from a family history of seamen, Crabtree also references the sea throughout this collection. “The sea, its traditions, superstitions and way of life are ingrained in me. The brand’s name Beaufort London (derived from the 1805 wind force scale conjured up by Naval Officer Sir Francis Beaufort) represents a kind of framework within which we can understand ourselves. The wind in consistent, enduring, but ultimately changeable and potentially destructive.” 

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1 review for Rake & Ruin EDP 50ml.

  1. renri1607

    Rake and Ruin has beastmode performance, a niche parfum profile that is spicy and smoky with a myriad of interesting ingredients like coriander, liquorice, pepper and woods to name a few. Initially they will seem to fight for your attention but after u surrender to the assault of the senses , singular notes reveal themselves at different stages of wear on the skin. You definitely will get all night and the next morning performance from this bold and intoxicating fragrance. Ask the friendly Lore team to experience it for yourself!

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